Why you shouldn't buy a cheap bean bag chair

We are frequently asked this question: 

Why should I pay more for a foam-filled bean bag-style chair?

Folks who ask that question have usually seen the cheap bean bag chairs that range in price from $50 to $100. We're not naming any names, but you'll see a lot of those cheap bean bags in Walmart or Target. The price may draw your attention. But as Vanilla Ice would say, "Stop...collaborate and listen" before you purchase a cheap bag.

The chair shown above on the right is a cheap bag filled with polystyrene beads. The photo on the left is a Xorbee filled with furniture-grade foam, with a removable cover and an inner liner to keep the foam from making a mess.

Why are some bean bags cheaper than others?

Cheap bags are sown in China with cheap thread and cheap fabric. They're filled with polystyrene beads, which will flatten over time, and quicker than you think.

With cheap bags you get nothing extra: no warranty, no customer service, no quality workmanship on the furniture. What you get is disposable seating.

The cheap brands want you to buy one now and replace it in a year or less. They plan on you buying their product over and over. 

Why is a foam-filled bean bag chair better?

The foam makes all the difference. Just like your couch cushions, furniture-grade foam used in Xorbees bounces right back. You want it to bounce back for several years, not compress and crunch like coffee beans.

The Xorbee loungers and chairs are bigger, better, and badder. They stand out and they stand up over time. Sit in them again and again, and you'll experience the same comfort. They have a wow factor. 

Why should I pay more for a bean bag chair?

You could pay $80 for a cheap bean bag, but you'll end up replacing it. If it tears, you won't be covered under a warranty. You'll simply have beans all over your floor. If you spill something on it, good luck getting the stain out because you won't be able to remove the cover.

When you buy a quality foam-filled chair like a Xorbee, you have several advantages:

  • Durability - Foam-filled chairs like Xorbees don't have beans that compress. For that reason they last for years, like couches and arm chairs.
  • Warranty - Cheap bean bags are not covered under warranty, but Xorbee has the only true lifetime warranty in the industry.
  • Comfort - When you sit on a Xorbee you're not going to fall through to the floor. One thing we hear from everyone who sits on our Xorbees is how comfy they are.
  • Return on Investment - If you're buying for an organization like a church, you'll get far more for your investment because your chairs and loungers will last a long time and stand up to the heavy use from kids.
  • Customer Service - You know what happens if you have problems with a cheap bean bag? You're out of luck. No one will help you. At Xorbee, we are here to answer your questions, we're here to help you make a decision on which size to get, we're here to solve any problems. Often our owner actually handles customer care.

Take a look at our Rounds and Loungers to see your options.


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