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Xorbee Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of Rest. Recharge. Relax.   Here is the guide to make sure everyone from kids, college students, and adults of all ages can enjoy Xorbee.  Find COMFORT and JOY in the easy to clean, move, and environmentally responsible furniture for your space.   Your Toddler/Kids   Our 4-Foot relaXer is a foam-filled delight, great for little ones to plop on to read, play, or chill. You might even get them to nap.  Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 24" Weight: 20 lbs   Your College Student The MSU Xorbee is strong enough to be an option for your next tailgate party. It's soft and sturdy enough to support you through overtime games, and it's comfy enough to make all your college friends jealous.  ...

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Foam-filled Xorbee calms this child with autism

Is there something about a Xorbee foam-filled chair that helps calm a child with autism?  It seems so. After adding a Xorbee round to their home, his family noticed that Tyler Mieczkowski seemed more relaxed and calm. In April of 2016, Valerie Lego of WZZM-TV in Muskegon visited Xorbee headquarters to see how happy Tyler was in his favorite furniture. Here's the video from that news report:  Read the full article from WZZM 13: "Pillow Chair Helps Calm Children with Autism"

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Fan Mail: Our Xorbee is the centerpiece of our living room

I never owned a beanbag as a child. I once dated a full-grown man who had three in his tiny one-bedroom apartment, but I, personally, never partook in the craze. Growing up, Momma had strictly forbid the pellet filled furniture in our household, though I was permitted a variety of "inflatable" chairs and couches. I never understood the reasoning behind giving a young adult furniture that could pop or leak at the slightest introduction of a sharp object, but I could hardly complain; as that was what I had. At least it seemed to foster an acute sense of property ownership and maintenance, as I quickly became skilled at adhering patches, and instituting creative repairs. (The first lesson being that...

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