100-Day Trial

Our 100-Day Trial makes buying a Xorbee risk-free.

How do you prove you're the best foam-filled bean bag-like chair in the industry? You give your customers the chance to try a Xorbee for 100 days, and if they don't love it, you GIVE THEM THEIR MONEY BACK.

We're revolutionizing the foam-filled furniture and bean bag chair industry by offering the first and only 100-DAY TRIAL.

If, after 100 days of sitting, plopping, and snoozing, you haven't fallen in love with the comfort of your new Xorbee, we'll take it back.

100-Day Trial

Why are you offering a 100-day trial?

We don't want people sitting on poorly shaped, uncomfortable, cheap foam-filled chairs and bean bags. This is the best way to prove to you that Xorbees are superior.

We want our customers to know they can invite a Xorbee into their home risk-free for 100 days of rest.

Are you crazy?

No, but we are observant. We realize that when a customer sits in a Xorbee, when they get the opportunity to plop down in the most comfortable foam-filled furniture on the market, they experience the difference. We see their eyes light up, a smile appear on their face, and we can almost hear their body giving a standing ovation.

We can't show you how comfortable a Xorbee is on this website. We wish we could, but the technology isn't there to create a Xorbee Simulator (yet!). But we can offer a 100-Day Trial that allows you to order a Xorbee and see for yourself why it's so special.

You get more than three months to try a Xorbee risk-free. How can you beat that? 

How does the 100-Day Trial Work?

+ Buy a Xorbee for residential (non-commercial) use

+ Enjoy your Xorbee for 100 days

+ Decide that you love it and keep it OR tell us you'd rather have someone else enjoy the Xorbee. We pick it up and donate it to a charity in your area. You get a full refund, no questions asked, no hassle.

Refunds are credited back to your account within two weeks.

The 100-Day Trial is not applicable for exchanges. It is not valid on sale or clearance items.

This post-purchase, risk-free 100-Day Trial serves as our return policy. If you decide the Xorbee is not for you, we'll send a courier to pick it up at your home and we'll relocate it to a local charity.

To return your Xorbee, contact us within 100 days of when you receive it. You can send us an email at and we'll work to arrange a pick up promptly.

Who will remove my Xorbee if I decide to return it after 100 days?

Our Xorbee customer support team coordinates each return on an individual basis. We make the return as easy and hassle-free as possible. One of our partners at a local charity will arrive at a time that's best for you and relocate the Xorbee to a new home. 

What happens to my returned Xorbee?

We want every Xorbee to have a good home. We never resell a used Xorbee. Displaced Xorbees will be donated to a charity in your area. Each charity varies depending on the region.

Our 100-Day Trial makes buying a Xorbee risk-free.