A Lovesac Alternative

Many of our customers were searching for a Lovesac alternative when they found Xorbee. We're happy they did because our product is better than Lovesac at a more reasonable price.

Better quality and warranty

Lovesacs are a good product. We're not saying they aren't, but as we explain on our Xorbee vs. Lovesac page, our product uses higher quality foam that's sorted by hand. We also offer the only Lifetime Warranty in the bean bag industry.

Made in the USA

Our foam-filled bean bag-style chairs are 100 percent made in the United States. Lovesac's are not.

Xorbees are more affordable

Would you pay $950 for a bean bag chair? Why, when you could pay $389 for the same size chair at the same or better quality? You'd be a fool to pay Lovesac nearly $1,000 for a bean bag chair when Xorbee has a better product that's Made in the USA for far less.

When it comes down to it, the pocketbook matters. Families, businesses, schools, and churches work on a budget. Faced with the high price, Xorbees are a better alternative to a Lovesac.


Xorbee Round Bean Bag Chair