About Xorbee

We make the world's most comfortable foam-filled furniture.

Xorbee uses 100% virgin recycled foam recovered from framed furniture processing.

The Xorbee headquarters and manufacturing center are located in Muskegon, Michigan, near the shores of Lake Michigan. Each Xorbee we create is born into a beautiful part of the world before its sent to you.

It's pronounced ZOR-BEE.

Leffring Family, Xorbee Foam-Filled FurnitureThe founders and employees at Xorbee are dedicated to creating the best foam-filled furniture on the market but they also have other goals. They're committed to helping the environment, which is why every piece of foam used in the manufacture of Xorbees is 100% virgin recycled. Xorbee is also excited to be a part of the Michigan revival, as this wonderful state continues to grow and create jobs for their citizens.

Lastly, but importantly, Xorbee operates with a guiding principle of ethics and fellowship. As a company founded by Christians, Xorbee is delighted to have a strong relationship with youth groups and the Christian leadership community.  

The Xorbee Origin Story

The Inspiration

It all started more than three decades ago when Gerald Leffring introduced his son Jeremy to foam. Mr. Leffring manufactured and sold foam in Muskegon, Michigan for several years, and he still does.

Fast forward a few years to 1996 and Jeremy is in college where he wanted a more comfortable (and better-smelling) solution to common dorm room furniture. Frustrated that he couldn't find a comfy chair for his dorm room, Jeremy had the idea to create one using foam.

With six bucks in his pocket, Jeremy went to Walmart and bought six yards of fabric. After a brief tutorial on his sister's sewing machine, he cut and sewed the six yards of fabric as big as it could be sewn. Next, he cut small pieces of foam from his dad’s factory and filled the sewed “foam bag.”

That first Xorbee was not even called a Xorbee. Jeremy's college pals called it an "adult-size bean bag" or "The Giant Bean Bag," but Jeremy quickly realized his creation was much more than a bean bag chair.

The Family Business

The Xorbee company all started to solve a problem. It started when Jeremy Leffring came home from his teaching job to find his wife Ivanna bored to tears. LITERAL TEARS. She needed something to keep her busy. Jeremy suggested that they start a business.

“What in the world can we do?” Ivanna asked.

“Why don’t we just make those big fluffy chairs I made in college?" Jeremy said, "I could make them and you could try to sell them.”

Oh, those fateful words! The two of them put those words into action and Xorbee was born. Several years later Xorbee is a thriving business that both Jeremy and Ivanna are blessed to work on together. 

A Xorbee Xplosion

As any business owner knows, it's not easy starting a company.

Early on, Jeremy and Ivanna participated in a local Christmas Art Fair. They bought booth space, put a couple Xorbee’s in it, and hoped for the best. They were surprised to sell 50 Xorbees during the event. They were excited, but now the two of them had to create these Xorbees.

They'd hoped for success, they;d made the sales, but now they weren't sure how they were going to fill all those orders.

Jeremy started by buying the fabric and sewing. Lots and lots of sewing on a machine he borrowed from his sister. After a visit to his dads foam manufacturing business to get scrap, he and Ivanna had to figure out how to fill 50 Xorbees in a short amount of time.

They decided to go to Home Depot where they asked an associate what they would recommend to shred the foam. "How about a wood chipper?" They left with a new wood chipper from Home Depot that was covered under a 90-day return policy.

Seven broken wood chippers later, Jeremy and Ivanna finished filling 50 Xorbees in the freezing cold of a Michigan winter.

After that first big order, Xorbee started to grow. And yes, the wood chippers are a thing of the past. There are much better ways to chop up the comfy foam that fill Xorbee's wonderful furniture.

Today, Xorbee is thriving in Muskegon, Michigan, where their foam-filled furniture is revolutionizing the business of comfort. Xorbee uses 100% reclaimed and recycled foam and they've gone well beyond the first Xorbee. Customers can choose from six different round Xorbees, three different Xorbee loungers, three different Xorbee foam-filled pillows, and there are even ottomans.

Xorbee has come a long way, but we're not done yet.