Bean Bag Beds

Can you sleep on a bean bag chair?

Of course. But you want to select a quality "bean bag." Xorbees are not bean bags, they are foam-filled loungers and rounds made from the best foam reclaimed from furniture like your couch or recliner.

Some people find a foam filled "bean bag" style chair to be preferable for sleeping. They provide consistent, soft-but-firm springy comfort for a great night's rest.

When we show our Xorbees at trade shows we usually have to wake up a few folks who are so comfortable that their eyes shut as they drift off into sleepy land.


Xorbee Foam-Filled Chairs

Can I replace my bed with a bean bag?

You definitely can. More and more people are doing just that.

Features and Benefits of sleeping on a bean bag

  • High-Quality Foam
    Never too firm or too soft. Wraps around your body for full support.
  • Removable Cover
    Easily wash your cover.
  • Mobile
    Easily move your bed into any room or take it on the road.
  • Cushioned
    You won't need a pillow because a bean bag chair allows you to put your head wherever you want comfortably. Sleep in almost any position: flat, seated, draped, however your body needs to get zzzzzzzzz's.
  • Versatile
    Your foam-filled Xorbee can be a chair or lounger and a bed. Sleep on it at night, then use it for a comfy office perch or "recliner" during the day. You don't need a "bedroom" any more - you instantly create more living and working space in your home.

Why do you need a mattress?

Of course the mattress companies want you to buy a bed, box spring, mattress, and so on. They want you to buy into the entire system. There's nothing wrong with having a bed, but you don't have to sleep on a traditional bed.

Disadvantages of a bed and mattress

  • Takes up a lot of space
  • High maintenance (have to wash sheets, mattresses, etc.)
  • Difficult to move
  • Requires accessories (sheets, pillows, pads, headboard, frame, etc.)
  • Expensive (average family spends $1,860 on beds for their family)
  • Odors (beds can trap odors for a long time)

Get rid of your expensive, clunky mattress

Are you the type of person who doesn't want to own a car because it's crazy expensive and impractical? Do you like a simple, uncluttered life? Then maybe you should get rid of your bed and mattress.