Features and Benefits

FEATURE: Washable cover

BENEFIT: Easily clean stains and spills without having to take your furniture apart. Simply remove the outer cover and toss it in the washing machine. No hand-washing ever again.

FEATURE: Inner liner

BENEFIT: Secures foam within an inner shell so none of it gets out. Most competitors fill the foam directly inside the cover. The inner liner also allows you to refill the foam without making a mess.

FEATURE: Virgin recycled foam

BENEFIT: Environmentally responsible repurposing of leftover materials from hard-seating furniture manufacturers. Xorbee hand selects the foam pieces and ensures that no plastic is used in your chair.

FEATURE: Bean bag design

BENEFIT: Moving your Xorbee is easy, our largest Xorbees are 50 pounds and our most popular are only 20-30 pounds. Transport them, shift them within your home or office as needed to create more space.

FEATURE: Made in Michigan, U.S.A.

BENEFIT: We provide jobs in the United States, from design, to manufacturing, to fulfillment, and sales and service. Every Xorbee job is in the heartland of America: the great state of Michigan.

FEATURE: Removable outer cover

BENEFIT: Replace your cover with one of our many designs to easily match your Xorbee to any environment.

FEATURE: Lifetime Warranty

BENEFIT: Your Xorbee is protected against any manufacturer defects for the life of the product.

FEATURE: Lock zipper on cover

BENEFIT: Stays fastened, will not slide open under normal use.

FEATURE: Hidden zipper on inner liner

BENEFIT: Kids can't get to the zipper in the inner liner and spill foam all over the place.