Xorbee Outreach Program

We provide seating for some of the largest conferences in the United States. We work with:

  • Orange Conference
  • Linger Conference
  • Children's Pastor Conference (CPC)
  • Catalyst
  • D6
  • Kidmin Conference
  • And many more

We work closely these conferences to offer a Xorbee Lounge for their attendees every year. We typically bring dozens of chairs and loungers to provide a comfortable, relaxing seating area for their attendees.

Everyone deserves to sit on a Xorbee, so we want to work with conferences and events of all sizes.

Do you host a conference, camp, or large event? We'd like to hear from you.

We offer bulk discounts for conferences and/or will discuss advertising partnerships with your organization. Contact us through the form below or call 1-307-296-7233 and ask for conference programs.