Xorbee vs Lovesac

Xorbee and Lovesac are two of the most popular brands in the foam-filled furniture market. We've taken the time to compare Xorbee to Lovesac so you can see the difference between the two.


Price: Save more than $500

We've had many shoppers who've told us they were tempted to buy a Lovesac but couldn’t bring themselves to pay the ridiculous price for one. 

If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck. Xorbee offers a better product at a fraction of the price.

Compare prices and you'll find that Lovesac charges two to four times more for a similar product.

Why break the bank when you can invite the superior Xorbee into your house for a fraction of the cost?

For example, check out the difference between our most popular Xorbee and Lovesac's most popular foam-filled sac.

The Lovesac "Supersac" costs nearly three times what you'll pay for our best-selling product, the 4-foot Xorbee Xplorer. Both products come with free shipping, and both are a huge step up from a rotten chair filled with beans, but you'll save $561 by getting the Xorbee!

What could you do with $561?

  • At $2.21 per gallon, $561 will buy 253 gallons gallons of gas, which at 25 MPG will get you 6,325 miles. That's the equivalent of a trip across the country from New York to Los Angeles and back, with more than 700 miles left over. The average American drives 13,000 miles per year, so choosing a Xorbee will save you enough to drive your car for about six months. What would you rather have, an overpriced Lovesac or gas money for six months? 
  • If your average monthly heat bill is $87 (about what it is if you live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Missouri), the difference between a Xorbee and a Lovesac would pay for your heat for six months.
  • You could take a family of four to the movie theater 8 times in a single year with the money you'll save by purchasing a Xorbee (and you can order popcorn and a drink for everyone too!)
  • Or maybe you'd rather stay home and watch great movies while sitting on your Xorbee. With the $561 you save in choosing our chair over Lovesac, you could pay for subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and Amazon Prime for 13 months. That's a lot of movies, folks.
  • The average American male spends $28 on a haircut. With the money saved from buying a Xorbee (as opposed to a Lovesac), he could pay for his haircuts for 20 months.
We have many customers who are much happier with our products and they didn’t have to put a second mortgage on their house to pay for it.

Foam: We hand-sort ours

Xorbee is the first company to transform the boring bean bag chair and turn it into heavenly foam-filled furniture that will be the most comfortable place to rest in your home.

We use a higher quality furniture grade foam and we SORT it to remove all packaging, memory foam, and other non-comfy foam.

Instead of polystyrene foam pellets that go flat, foam bags are filled with a more comfortable and more durable polyurethane foam.

While bean bags are typically small, need to be refilled every 6-12 months, and tend to burst open and leak, Xorbee’s are the opposite in every way.

Lovesacs also use foam as opposed to pellets, but Xorbee uses only the best recycled foam. Foam is what makes foam-filled furniture so special, and no one uses better foam than Xorbee. 

What makes a foam bag distinct from bean bags is the furniture foam. What makes the Xorbee distinct from the Lovesac is the furniture foam quality.

We shred our foam into more consistent and softer pieces than Lovesac because of our tedious sorting process. That makes Xorbee much softer and less lumpy than Lovesac. Lovesacs are comfortable, for sure, but you definitely feel those big chunks of foam sticking out everywhere. By eliminating the bad foam chunks, Xorbee has a softer and longer lasting foam-filling than Lovesac.

Warranty: Xorbee's is for Life

Xorbee truly stands apart from ALL the rest when it comes to the warranty. Our goal at Xorbee is to be honest and trustworthy and for the customer to believe in our product as much as we do.

At Xorbee we offer the only true LIFETIME WARRANTY in the industry. If you have any trouble with seams or zippers we will fix or replace it FOR THE LIFE OF THE PRODUCT.

Lovesac offers a 3-year warranty on some products and a 2-year “Lifetime” warranty on others (if you register the product). Lovesac doesn't make it easy to learn the details of their warranty. Other competitors offer 3 or 5-year warranties, many of them requiring proof of purchase. At Xorbee we believe in our product and are willing to stand behind it without a time limit.

The Xorbee vs Lovesac Challenge

Clearly, as we've explained above, Xorbee is a much more affordable foam-filled chair. But which is more comfy, the Xorbee or the Lovesac?

We're so confident that Xorbee's are the more comfortable chair that we will compare our foam-filled furniture side-by-side any time, any day, anywhere against any competitor to prove that we offer a better product than any other company. (We're looking at you, Lovesac).

Over the past two decades we've performed several comparison tests where people were surveyed to see which Xorbee-like product they preferred.

We're happy to report that based on comfort, quality, and aesthetics, Xorbee was chosen 9 out of 10 times.


Honestly, Lovesac offers a great product. Xorbee’s are just better, AND we save you more than $560 of your hard-earned dollars on a 5-foot chair.

Don’t let the price tag fool you.

You’d have to be crazy to compare Xorbee side-by-side with Lovesac and opt to pay up to $560 more for something other than a Xorbee.