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Cover for 6-Foot Xorbee Xcalibur Foam-Filled Chair

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Microsuede Cranberry Red Microsuede Cranberry Red
Microsuede Pitch Black Microsuede Pitch Black
Microsuede Graphite Gray Microsuede Graphite Gray
Microsuede Vanilla Bean Microsuede Vanilla Bean
Microsuede Cocoa Brown Microsuede Cocoa Brown
Microsuede Nautical Navy Microsuede Nautical Navy
Microsuede Teal Microsuede Teal
Microsuede Stone Microsuede Stone
Microsuede Lime Microsuede Lime
Microsuede Mint Microsuede Mint
Twill Fire Engine Red Twill Fire Engine Red
Twill Midnight Black Twill Midnight Black
Twill Slate Grey Twill Slate Grey
Twill Cafe Tan Twill Cafe Tan
Twill Navy Blue Twill Navy Blue
Twill Pool Water Blue Twill Pool Water Blue
Twill Orange Crush Twill Orange Crush
Twill Hunter Green Twill Hunter Green
Twill Silver Twill Silver
Specialty Fur Polar Bear Specialty Fur Polar Bear
Specialty Fur Teddy Bear Specialty Fur Teddy Bear

Do you like wearing the same clothes every day? Don't you occasionally enjoy putting on a brand new sweater or ascot? Yes, ascot. Why would you deny your Xorbee the same wonderful feeling? Order an eXtra cover for your Xorbee and eXtend its use.

NOTE: this is the cover only and designed to fit the 6-Foot Xorbee Xcalibur Foam-Filled Chair.

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