What is a Xorbee?

This is not a bean bag chair. It's a foam-filled chair that will quickly become the favorite spot in your home, dorm, office, or anywhere you want to take your Xorbee.

There's a Xorbees for all seasons and all reasons.

Need one to replace your armchair? Choose the Xplorer. Need a new couch that the kids will be drawn to like magnets? Try the 7-foot Xhilerate Lounger. want a Xorbee for your littlest family members? Grab a Xorbee Junior, which is also perfect for mom and newborn to rest while nursing or cuddling.

Your Xorbee (pronounced XOR-BEE) is filled with 100% virgin recycled foam. We hand-separate the foam so only the best pieces are used in your liner. We hand sew your cover so it fits perfectly. The removable cover and liner combination means you don't have to hassle with the mess of foam to clean your Xorbee. Simply remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine. The liner keeps your foam-filled friend perfectly shaped and secure.